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Kyprianos Kyprianou

Kyprianos was born in Cyprus, a small island in the East Mediterranean- from Greek Cypriot parents. After he studied Economics in Greece and UK he spent his youth in Greek banks until he got the necessary experience to create his own asset management company: Smartline.

He is the CEO of Smartline Global since 1995 and he loves teaching and trading. He created his system in the late 90s and he became a multi-millionaire applying it on Commodities, Stocks, Currencies and Bonds for his company’s and personal portfolio. The 2008 crisis was the reason to make his final improvements on the system to deliver in 2014 through this book: A complete set of actions on how to use Technical Analysis for trading.
He is an advisor for many brokerages and asset management companies in the Middle East, coaching many successful traders in the region.

What we do

We teach investors about the right timing of their investment. Through our partnership with Thomson - Reuters Academy we can have access to any country we are interested to expand. We teach traders and investors how to take positions long term or short term on Currencies, Commodities, Stocks or Bonds and also we give them the necessary knowledge to hedge their “production” using Futures and Options. Visit website

Smartline Capital based in Jumeira Lakes Towers and is well known for its Smart, Secure and Conservative investments on commodities, real estate and innovated investments.
Innovated: in sectors that there is no competition Conservative: average performance (20%-25% p.a.) Secure: cash in the correct currency and Gold Smart: buying and selling at the right time Visit website

My System differs from other technical trading systems in two main ways. First, the system is designed to involve the logic, reasoning and thinking power of the trader. Second, the system provides a logical framework through which a trader can make sense of the complexities and confusion inherent within the financial markets. Both of these factors are key to an effective trading system. The first is vital because a person’s ability to observe, collect and compare data to reach a logical conclusion is his/her most powerful weapon. The second is vital because, despite its amazing power, there are limitations to the human mind. Visit website